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Explore, Conquer, Secure and never fail to astonish the client.

We indulge in understanding our client needs with our well qualified expertise team and provide
solutions with our world class next generation consultant and services. As per the client demand, we will
be providing the best cloud technology solutions and on-premises in a stipulated time. We facilitate,
maintain and support the client business standard with our advanced next generation hardware
appliances and software services. With our featured security services, we hinder and tackle down all the
threats and secure the data center and provide remediation measures to make sure they do not appear

Apinger Cyber Security Consultant & Services


Data Center Services

The data center of any business organization are use vital that there always exist an increasing need to protect them from potential threats.
managing and maintain the IT security for the data center can be a challenging task. Despite hiding the data hacks,it is also af prime importance to also focus on other potential threats like physical security and managing the dishonesty employee.

We facilitate, maintain and provide support to our clients business standards with our advanced next generation hardware appliances and software services.

With our featured security services, we hinder and tackle down all the threats and provide immediate remediation measure to make sure data are secure and treats do not reappear again.

Cloud Computing

When the technological trends bloom and fade on almost a daily basis. one new trend that promises ore longevity is cloud computing. with cloud computing everything we do is on web based insted of on-premises. cloud security refuse to a broad set of policies. Technologies and control that are deployed to protect data. application and associated infrastructure of cloud computing we provide a successful services in merging of cloud security serivce with your existing security infrastrucure.
Our promised cloud servise from world class data centers such as AMAZON EC2, GOOGLS’S GCE, Microsoft’s AZURE to your enterprises.
pertaining to standard security guidlines. our security management team recognise the issues and instantly provide security controls to safeguard any weakness in the system and reduce the effect of an attack.

We can assist you to implement the process and produces to manage the infeasible encryption and decryption techniques. advanced hashing, digital signature renewal and key exchange and the certificate generation.we also provide data recovery service for your cloud service. in case of any natural disaster or service interruption.


Vulnerability Assesment

Vulnerability is the weakness which can be exploited by an attacker to perform an unauthorized actions within the network. the window of vulnerability is the time between which the attack was made in the network and the attacker was disabled with our security features. unaddressed vulnerability results in risk of loss of data and site is of prime importance to completely analysis the vulnerability in any system.

Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, classifying, remediating and mitigating vulnerabilites. we use advanced tolls and tehcnologies to evoluate the security breach within a sytem and instantly response to any attacks.

Monitoring Services

Network monitoring system alerts the network administrator about the failing networks, components such as overload, crashed or frozen services. failed routers, switches, firewall, web services. UPS, printers or other problematic devices. they are essential for companies of any branch and size.

Network monitoring is generally carried out though software applications and tools. when a problem arises the administrator is informed about the problem through SMS, eMail,call or other alerting mechanism. so that appropriate steps can be taken.


Website Service

We have talented pool of team expertise, who have a clear understanding that the need of clients in worldwide.
our global approach together with our affordable web solutions made us one among the leading kingpin in website design and development. with our customized web design solution we offer responsive service within a short span of time.
our major service includes the following fields.


Network Protection


Cloud Protection


Infrastructure Protection


Data Protection


Application protection


Software Products

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